Our Story


Beni Skin & Body Care is a nature-inspired skincare line created by esthetician Beni Díaz. Beni has been in the beauty and skincare industry for over ten years. After successfully owning Ying Spa in Puerto Rico, she decided to create her own cruelty-free skincare product line using natural ingredients found in her native island, like coffee, papaya, and local herbs.

Beni Skin & Body Care is an ode to Puerto Rico and natural beauty. Her products are consciously crafted to help you shine from within, in the most natural way possible. Created for all skin types, Beni’s knowledge and passion combined with honest ingredients aims to propagate self-love, inner beauty, and healthy, glowing skin.

 Beni Skin & Body Care es una línea de productos inspirados en la naturaleza creados por la esteticista Beni Díaz. Beni, lleva más de diez años en la industria de la belleza y el cuidado de la piel. Luego de ser propietaria del exitoso spa en Puerto Rico, Ying Spa, lanza la línea:Beni Skin & Body Care. Combinando su pasión y conocimiento para crear una línea de productos libre de crueldad. La belleza viene del interior, el amor propio, y una piel saludable.